Our shower has a Grohe faucet (I think it is the Arcada model that is discontinued. Last night when I went to turn off the water after the shower it just spins 360 degrees when I turn it and will not "catch" and turn the shower off.

I have had to cut the water off to the whole house.

Now I am trying to take the handle apart to see what I am dealing with an am stuck.

I attached photos. I was able to remove the screw that goes in the center but this black plastic part of the handle all the way to the blue/red markings just spins as one unit. Should it lift/pull off?

There is a hole in the top (shown in one picture) that I thought might have a screw in it but can't see anything. I have tried an Allen wrench and regular screwdriver.

I read that there should be a "set screw" somewhere that takes an Allen or Hex wrench but the spot I describe above is the only place visible and there isn't a screw.

Also read that if there isn't a set screw the handle should just pull off. It does not budge. The escutcheon screws come out but that plate will not budge either - like the handle is holding it down.

Here are the photos. Top three are from the internet of what I think this is (Grohe Arcada). Bottom are where I am now and am stuck.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

We are stuck. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.


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