As a part of my hot water recirculation system, I installed this brass swing check valve about a year ago on the supply side of my tankless water heater. It appears to be leaking just enough to cause corrosion around a nut on the side. One review of the valve called out removing the screw, putting thread sealant on the screw, then replacing it - I just noticed the issue and did not do this during installation.

Based on the image search I did I think the nut is for the hinge, but I'm really not sure.

check valve with brass corrosion from water coming out a side nut

The valve does slam shut rarely, particularly when my washing machine is running and quickly shuts off its hot tap.

I have two questions:

  • Is the corrosion bad enough that I replace the valve? Or would cleaning it up and attempting thread sealant on the screw be a better course of action?
  • Given its use case, and the fact it slams shut when the washing machine runs, is there a better valve for this application such as a spring-loaded check valve? Something else?

Well just clean it up with the pressure gone! Then follow the instructions. Do not waste $ that is a quality valve. Shut off the pressure to this valve, heat and pump. Then clean it up and seal as you should have done to start with.

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  • Everyone wants to replace stuff...I was born to fix stuff.+ – JACK Jan 23 at 3:18

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