I'm having trouble removing the pin holding the planetary. I need to remove it in order to remove the top of the machine exposing the motor so I can troubleshoot the main problem with my KitchenAid classic. I tapped the pin with a hammer & drift punch but it moved very little. I sprayed WD-40 & still no luck. Some of the pin got worn in the process of trying to tap it out. I also damaged a bit of the paint surrounding the pin. How do I remove it while minimizing damage to the machine? My machine stopped working properly the other day & it could be a worn gear. I wont know the source until I have access to the motor. Thanksenter image description here

enter image description herem/qHAWL.jpg

  • I repaired one of these a couple of years ago- You'll likely be replacing a nylon gear designed to strip out to save the more costly metal gears. If my memory serves me, this should tap straight out through the other side. Can we see a pic of that "Exit" hole? – Aww_Geez Jan 22 at 14:29
  • I replaced the grease in one of these (go ahead and find some food-safe grease while you're at it) and I remember just hammering out that pin as well. – JPhi1618 Jan 22 at 15:41

I took a look at my own mixer, and as @JPhi1618 noted be sure to replace the grease after this repair. The parts supplier I used sold food-safe grease alongside the replacement nylon gear- the old gear got stripped to nothing by the previous owner and plastic was all over the gearbox.

Anyhow, place the mixer on its side - That will take the tension off the pin. If hammering it out doesn't work from this side, try the other. Make sure you're using a flat-tipped punch so you don't "Mushroom" the pin. IF it's already been "mushroomed", you'll have to tap from the opposite side. Replace the pin if it's been damaged, or if you're a skilled machinist you could file it back down.

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