So I've been doing a lot of "smart switch" upgrades around the home. A lot of z-wave and lutron stuff. If anyone is familiar with installing these they take up a TON of space compared to a normal manual light switch (especially when there are two in a 2-gang box).

I always feel uncomfortable stuffing the mass of wires back in, and wire nuts don't make it any easier. Especially when you are making multiple connections.

Someone recommended to use the push-in connectors specifically for this case. I didn't even know they existed tbh. They seem like they would be much lower profile and make for a much neater job....however are they safer/"up to code"?

Edit: Apparently there is something called a lever nut too?

  • Oh no... push-in connectors are way more bulky than wire nuts. If you are trying to stuff fat smart switches in a narrow box, then you need a box extension. Try a Legrand Wiremold Surface Conduit Starter Box, which is really intended to be a launch point for surface conduit, but it functions as a box extension. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jan 18 at 6:21

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