I have a standard 30 inch closet door. I want to expand the opening to 48 inches (to install double bifold doors)

I am 98% certain this wall (which is on second floor) is not load bearing:

  • There is no wall underneath, just a large open-concept room (there could be a beam hidden though)
  • It is perpendicular to the exterior long wall of the house
  • It is perpendicular to the metal beam through the length of the house
  • It is parallel to the floor joists (I assume, based on metal beam location)

I've found plenty of articles describing a load-bearing door frames with king and jack studs supporting a double 2x4 header. However I can't find anything that describes what is sufficient for non-loadbearing walls

I've also read that an opening greater than 30 inches requires a reinforced header, else it might sag.

I took down the existing opening to the studs. Currently, there is a single 2x4, flat, nailed into the full length studs at an angle (no king/jack studs)

I am in Ontario, Canada

Thank you.

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    I've always framed my interior doors with king & jack studs even when the door is in a non-loadbearing wall. Oh, and with a single 2x4 to frame in the top of the door, and cripple studs from the double 2x4 top plate in the wall down to the door 2x4. – SteveSh Jan 14 at 19:45

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