Just bought a home and the only pool light is not working. If the GFCI breaker is not tripped and there is no outdoor switch or GFCI, does that mean it’s probably the bulb itself thats dead? Or could it be something else? Not sure what to check. Thanks

  • My switch is inside the house. – Mattman944 Jan 10 at 23:42
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There should be a switch somewhere, possibly by the pumps and filters or by a door going out to the patio. Most pool lights are low voltage, 12 volt AC, and are fed from a transformer either in the control box for the pool or in a separate pedestal located at least 5 feet away from the pool's edge. You're going to have to find this first, then you can check for voltage at that point. If all checks out, then a bad bulb is probably at fault. If possible, try to get back with the previous owners about this or even some of your new neighbors with pools, they might have the same or similar systems.

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