I'm adding circuits to a subpanel. For wiring neatness sake, I'm considering adding a second ground bus bar. Do I need to tie both ground bars together (if so, what size wire), or is screwing them to the panel enclosure sufficient?


Depends, are we dealing with NEC, or Harper (that's me)'s Law?

NEC: The screws attaching the ground bar to the panel are fine if they are 32 thread pitch or finer (e.g. 8-32, 10-32, etc.)

I would also run a ground wire with the thickest wire you have on hand.

  • Another law??? OMG. + – JACK Jan 6 at 19:13

They should be properly linked.

Do not rely on the panel providing a reliable connection.

  • What is "properly linked" tho? Jumper wire from bar to bar? What size wire? Do you need some special clip, etc... – JPhi1618 Jan 6 at 16:51
  • @JPhi1618 size would depend on the size of the subpanel - so if you have that information... – Solar Mike Jan 6 at 17:00

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