I am looking at replacing my thermostat, and don't really need or want one with geosync. I am thinking of the honeywell RTH9585wf. Currently I have a lux that is not wifi but programmable. It offers temperature swing between .5 and 3 degrees. It is currently set at 1.25.

The honeywell does not have a variable swing feature, and is set at 1 degree. Or for my setup with forced air and high efficiency gas it would cycle 3 -5 times per hour. I contacted honeywell and asked them this and that is what the rep stated. He mentioned that the honeywell could come on before the 1 degree difference is met, in order to maintain a 1 degree difference. I am not sure how the Lux works with that. He also mentioned that if you set the thermostat for water steam equipment (something like that), then it is set at 1 CPH.

I use if for both heat and cold in ohio so we get cold weather and hot weather. Am I losing to much of a feature with no temperature swing on the honeywell? Is 3 - 5 CPH to much, or is this normal operation. Or if anyone else has thermostat recommendations I am open to that also. Again I don't really need the nest or those types but would like to have wifi to control it when away for long periods of time. Thanks

  • 1 degree is the swing. It's just not variable. You've misunderstood the term. – isherwood Jan 4 at 15:17
  • Yup oops, edited and fixed. Any suggestions on if it is better to have a variable swing or not? Again it sounds like 3 - 5 CPH would be the case with the honeywell – Matt Jan 4 at 15:22
  • Unfortunately I have relatively limited experience with HVAC systems. We do have a number of knowledgeable folks around though, and I'm sure they'll come along soon. – isherwood Jan 4 at 15:59
  • If your current one is set to 1.25 degrees, it doesn't sound to me like fixed 1 degree will be at all noticeable. – Moshe Katz Jan 8 at 19:26

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