I am now fairly confident my erratic sleeping schedule is due my somewhat noisy apartment. I am spending holidays at a very, very different place now and sleep like a baby. I was a city boy always and I thought I won't be bothered by a little street noise.


I live in a highrise in Canada built in the 70s with single pane windows and the insulation is too old. I can't change the window to a double pane, I would in a heartbeat but it would require strata permission and also likely the city would get involved and also more than likely it would need to be done from the outside which would require a crane reaching the 10th floor. Yeah. This is just not happening.

Currently I have blinds (honeycomb blinds) which are fairly good for blackout and heat as well although there is a slight gap at the sides which is covered by curtains. What could I replace them with to block all noise? Probably it would require covering the entire window box -- but I don't want to permanently block the only light and air into the bedroom. Is there some sort of noise blocking supercurtain one could use :) ? I have no idea, until the guy doing the renovations ten years ago showed me honeycomb blinds I never heard of those either.

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