I had my shower tiled and, unfortunately, the job was sub-par. I am not wondering if this can be somehow fixed via workaround, without replacing my tile. Maybe some sort of cover plate extension?

Thank you enter image description here

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Check with the manufacturer for parts for your model #. They might have a larger cover plate. You could also bring it into a plumbing supply store and see if they have a larger one. You'd be amazed at the parts a good plumbing store has. Last but not least, there is usually a bead of white caulk around cover plates in showers this color. A good bead might just cover that opening if all else fails.


Shower Renovation Cover If Caulk isn't an acceptable fix, these renovation covers will do the trick. This specific unit can be purchased here: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Delta-Shower-Renovation-Cover-Plate-in-Stainless-RP29827SS/203722677


How big are your tiles? Looks like you would only have to remove the one to right of the valve, cut a new tile to fit,and put it back in.


What is the question? It looks like a fat finger of calking could seal this and should have been done, I usually make sure to have the tile extend at least 1/4” closer to the valve but a cheap job ? well I have seen this many times, caulking can seal it and prevent problems, but it would be a contract issue in most cases and would be off topic and if you paid them you accepted the work. Yes you can take to court , but a fat finger caulking job would seal it and If another contractor agrees it is industry standard they will win and you may be responsible for there Court fees. Without a specific question I would vote to close. If you ask is it a good job I would say more like a handyman or diy , not a professional that did tile Just saying.

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