I'm going to sweat a 1/2" piece of copper with a Male Adapter Fitting to thread into the drop-ear for my tub spout.

I purchased this: 1/2 in. Copper Pressure Cup x MIP Male Adapter Fitting

Later online I found this: 1/2 in. Copper FTG x MIP Fitting Adapter Fitting

Both seem to appear to do the same thing, yet the latter is 4 times the price of the other with what appears to be just a little more copper.

What's the difference between the 2? Is one better for my application?


The cup fitting slides onto the end of a pipe. The FTG fitting is the same size as pipe and fits directly into some other fitting: an elbow, a coupling, a tee, etc. It probably costs more only because they're infrequently used. The cup fitting is the right one for your application.

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