I'm looking to install 2 IKEA KUNGSFOR suspension rails to create a combination close to this, but with 1 fewer shelf and using a grid on the back instead.

My kitchen is fairly small (formed from the recesses of 2 other rooms) and the wall I want to mount the rails / grid / shelf on is a stud partition wall.

I am able to line up one of the suspension rails with a stud, but not the other.

For the stud fastenings I planned on using 3 x 5ø 60mm wood screws.

For the plasterboard fastenings I'm not sure what the best option is. The weight of the setup before any load is:

  • 2 x Suspension Rails: 1.0kg each = 2.0kg
  • Grid: 1.3kg
  • Shelf: 2.5kg
  • Magnetic Rail: 0.7kg
  • Total: 6.5kg

Ultimately this will be used for storing knives (on the magnetic rail), various kitchen implements (e.g. spoons, spatulas, ladle etc.) and on the shelf a stainless steel pot and pan. It won't be used for extraordinarily heavy loads (e.g. cast iron pans, heavy jars, etc.)

What would be the most suitable fixing for the 1 rail that needs to be fastened to plasterboard, if safely possible?

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I know you say you are not going to put a row of heavy jars on - but you are probably going to leave that in place when you eventually move out, and the new owner may have different ideas.

For this sort of application I would go for the strongest fixings available - which are a gravity toggle. Fischer claim theirs have a pull-out strength of 20kg which gives you plenty of margin for error.

This page gives details of the various sorts of plasterboard fixing available, and their ratings. (Note: that is the Fischer site, but other manufacturers have very similar products available.)


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