We recently bought a house in North Carolina and the HVAC system has HONEYWELL Y8150A1017 fresh air ventilation system which seems to call for fresh air exchange quite often. In the winter, the air that comes through the vents is cool to cold which is counter productive when trying to heat. It typically kicks on when the furnace completes its warm air cyle. I have 3 settings on the switch...on (which was the position it was in); Override (which I tried but the blower run continuously); and Off (which I currently am trying).

We had a furnace inspection done today, and the tech indicated that having a fresh air ventilation is not a great idea in NC due to the Humidity and pollen in the summer. The manual says something about Override and a remote? Does anyone have any thoughts on the proper way to use this system?

  • Have you had a blower door test run on the house? – ThreePhaseEel Dec 10 '19 at 1:26

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