My 44 button LED light strip remote is snapped in half and will not work obviously. Is there any way I can replace the remote by just ordering a new one or will i have to manually repair it. If so, how should i go about doing that.


Your product is a package that bundles several products also sold separately:

  • LED strip
  • power supply, and
  • controller/remote combo.

In particular, LED controllers are sold with their matching remote. These are so cheap you'd be better off just buying this and attaching it.

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  • So to clarify, I could buy just another power supply and remote since they come connected to each other? – esher Nov 30 '19 at 4:40
  • @esher controller and remote. Not the thing that goes into AC power. That box that sits between the power supply and the LEDs. It might say "RGB control box". – Harper - Reinstate Monica Nov 30 '19 at 18:20

I found a "Multi-function LED Remote Control" at Pier 1 and several led light remote control apps on the Google Play store, some for free.

I've used remote control apps on my phone to test & operate other devices I don't have remotes for.

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You might browse the apps available for download to your smartphone.

Once, in a rental house, the DVD and television had a wrong brand remote which was almost totally incompatible with the devices. Something like "power on" and "volume" worked, but nothing else did.

I was able to salvage the weekend by searching the Play app store and searching for "Visio control video" (there are dozens!) and try a few of them. As I recall it took three or four tries before finding one which worked "well enough".

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