The other night I ran a load in the dishwasher and when I came back there was no power to the display and the load hadn't completed. There was dirty water on the bottom. I disassembled the front door, tested the door switch - continuity seemed correct with switch actuation. So I chalked it up to being past it's lifespan (it's more than 10 years old, not sure exactly) and planned to get a new one.

However, after powering it back up a week later it ran a bit. I put the front panel back on and gave it a shot - it sounded like the drain pump ran for a bit and I could see the water drain out. Then it started a wash and the display became unresponsive (though lights were on). It may be that I didn't fully engage the right display connectors when reattaching, not sure. But at any rate the display went dead shortly after and I haven't been able to bring it up again (even after leaving it disconnected from power for many minutes). Now dirty water sits at the bottom and the display is dead just like it was before.

Most of what I can find online describes clogging issues, but as far as I can tell the drain hose is reasonably clean (at the disposal end, anyway), and that by itself wouldn't explain the display issues. Is it possible the float switch being actuated by sitting water would cut power in this manner? I'm not sure how float switch actuation impacts how it runs. If that's all it is I can troubleshoot a clog issue. Or do these power issues indicate that there's a possible problem with the control board and I should cut my losses with a new dishwasher?

TLDR: Should I expect that the float switch would cut all power/functionality to the control panel? Or do control panel issues indicate electronics issues?

Thanks for any tips!

  • Disassemble again and carefully check all the connections. – Ride Sun Nov 25 '19 at 18:26

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