I need a light duty rail in my kitchen to hang cleaning clothes just near the sink. After doing my market research, I saw a door handle with a suitable shape, something similar to this:

enter image description here

However it requires screwing from the other side; from my neighbor's flat and with a very long screw, theoretically speaking.

Is there an easy way to attach such a door handle onto kitchen tiles? If it required one screw, it could be done with a plug and a hanger bolt, however I need two points of attachment and the handle cannot be disassembled.


You may want to look into towel bars. They are typically designed with one piece that screws into a wall, using an appropriate screw (into a stud or masonry) or anchor + screw (into a hollow wall) and then a second piece that slips over the part in the wall and tightens with a screw around the edge.

However, it you are really set on a handle that only screws in from behind (which is typical of cabinet and drawer handles), then you can:

  • Cut a piece of wood a couple inches tall and slightly wider than the handle
  • Paint the wood to match the tile or contrast with it, depending on the tile, trim, cabinets, etc. of the kitchen. Easier to paint the wood before installation than after installation.
  • Attach the handle to the wood, as if it were a drawer/cabinet front
  • Locate two studs and use screws to attach the wood to the wall, or use appropriate heavy-duty anchors + screws to attach the wood to the wall.

Well, no image makes it hard, but I would drill and fit two screws into the wall at the correct spacing. Then cut the heads off the screws and put an epoxy resin type glue into the holes - push onto the screws and support until the glue hardens.

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