How far from the water intakes & drain do the receptacles for a stackable washer/Electric dryer need to be and does code require a GFI?

  • Where are you on this planet? – ThreePhaseEel Nov 7 '19 at 3:21
  • I'd like to reiterate @ThreePhaseEel's question. It is really difficult to get the plug out of the socket for my washing machine because it is obstructed by the water pipe coming out of the tap (faucet) which is immediately above. This is in Germany, and I am pretty sure it was legal in 1997 - but I am equally sure it was crazy even then. – Martin Bonner supports Monica Nov 8 '19 at 12:01

The 2017 NEC does not specify minimum separation. In a dwelling unit 125v receptacles in laundry areas require GFCI protection. In other than dwelling units laundry areas are not specified, but within 6' of a sink 150v to ground or less single phase receptacles 50A or less and 3 phase receptacles 100A or less also requires GFCI protection. (Each leg of a 240v circuit is less than 150v to ground.)

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This claims to meet UPC code in the USA:(and I think answers your question regarding distance)


(Not that I would pay THAT price for it).

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  • UPC = Universal Product Code (i.e. the bar-code on every product sold)? It may meet code, assuming it's connected to a GFCI breaker since this isn't a GFCI outlet. Side note: the item in their picture looks well used! Yikes! – FreeMan Nov 8 '19 at 14:47
  • I think that UPC, since listed as a standard here, is "uniform plumbing code". Yes it is not a GFCI outlet. Perhaps the product preceded the NEC change requiring GFCI for laundry outlet? – peinal Nov 8 '19 at 14:53
  • Ah. I was unaware of that UPC. thanks! It is important to note that "meeting code when the product was designed" does not equate to "meeting code when the product was installed". – FreeMan Nov 8 '19 at 14:59

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