Currently, my chimney is brick and has a 8" type B metal duct pipe coming out of it as a sleeve, which exhausts home heat and waterheater appliances.

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The chimney was dormant for many years before I started using it after some remodeling and reengineering home infrastructure. However, I didn't fill the space between the masonry and the sleeve. And maybe some 18" into the chimney from the top of bricks starts the old sleeve, which was ceramic I believe or made of a similar material as roof tiles.

enter image description here

Should I fill the space on top of my chimney between the sleeve and the brick structure with something, as was done with my neighbor's chimney?

enter image description here

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I do not know if it is necessary to actually fill it, but as a minimum I would use metal to create a collar to keep it stationary and to keep the weather, bats and other critters from causing future headaches.

  • A collar would be a great idea. +
    – JACK
    Nov 6, 2019 at 18:20

A mason could add a cast-in-place chimney cap to that to seal the gaps between the brick and the metal flue.

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