I have a 33 years old house in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. The existing air exchanger is out of order and need to replace with something newer. Question is should I get a HRV or ERV system.

As I understand:

  • HRV only recovers heat
  • ERV recovers both heat and humidity (C$200 more)

That kind of easily makese sense to go for an ERV system so that in winter it doesnt get too dry and in summer it doesnt get too humid inside the house.

But at the same time it may not make significant difference depending on the weather in my location. Thats where I need an expert opinion or someone already have a previous experience on this.

Question is: Which one would be a good choice to go with HRV or ERV? How can i make the decision?



An HRV pre-warms the incoming air during winter months. At low continuous speeds, this mingles with existing interior air and does not reduce the inside humidity. An HRV adds so much comfort to the interior climate. In summer the air movement equalizes temperatures throught the interior space, adding to the comfort level. During the 90s I installed over 1000 HRV units, mostly new homes and many retrofits. More critical is good locations for intake and exhaust hoods outside. On the inside place the exhaust grills in bathrooms and laundry, and place supply grilles (whisper grilles) in each bedroom and in common areas. Use a low, balanced airflow 24 hours a day, and use 20 minute timers in each bathroom to step up the speed when needed.

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    Thanks for your answer but you did not mention anything about ERV. Are you implying that I should go for HRV instead of ERV. Just to remind that my original question was to choose one between HRV or ERV depending on my location. I made it explicitely clear in my question now. – Samiron Nov 5 '19 at 15:10

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