I bought a new thermostat hoping to replace a simple on/off switch for my boiler. I've never done this before and am confused about how I should arrange the wiring on the thermostat board.

This is how it is currently arranged on the old board: enter image description here

and this is the new thermostat board: enter image description here

In particular I am confused about:

  • the way there are 2 N cables going into 2 separate N receptors, whereas on the new thermostat there's only one slot for an N receptor which appears to be without the receptor. What to do about that? Should I move the unused SL receptor to the N slot and wire the 2 N cables there?

  • there appears to be 2 ground receptors on my old board and only 1 on the new one. Should both of those go to the 1 receptor on the new board?

  • the SL receptor should be left unused?

Any help is appreciated!

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