I have a large jacuzzi tub with jets in my house that I rent out short term on AirBnB. The jacuzzi is on the second floor, directly over a first floor bedroom and on numerous occasions people have managed to flood the bedroom ceiling. I did discover that I had a leak in one of the pump fixtures which I have fixed, but the problem would occasionally return.

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The last time this happened, I pressed for more info from the guests and figured out that they turned on the jets before the jacuzzi was completely full - resulting in them shooting water on the wooden surround. Naturally, I added a disclaimer about this in my house rules, but unfortunately they still manage to make it leak (I'm guessing from splashing while moving around in the jacuzzi).

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Right now the jacuzzi is surrounded on 3 sides by wood on the walls and a ~1-2in. horizontal wood piece that the rim of the tub rests on. I used some silicone to seal between the tub rim and the horizontal wood all around, but it seems people are still managing to get a significant amount of water on the (carpeted) floor or between the tub and the wall.

The jacuzzi is sitting on just plywood, but the rear 1/3 or so is just exposed joists. Is there supposed to be some sort of water barrier under it?

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Short of tearing everything out - What is the best way to waterproof around the whole tub and setup some kind of drainage so the water doesnt end up messing up the floor/ceiling every time? I was thinking about installing one of those micro channel / train drains around the perimiter and on the floor directly in front of the tub, but I'm not sure how I would get enough access on the 3 sides that are up against walls.

Any help/direction is really appreciated!

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