I spent a lot of time chipping , scraping , sanding the fascia boards some of the paint would not come off and my circular sander just does not do the job my old belt sander did . Anyway, I put on two prime coats and two topcoats , but the indents are still visible. The man at the paint store said I should have put some mud on in the beginning and use a wide trowel to smooth it out.

Any help from the audience out there ?

  • What's the question, exactly? You got some good advice. Where are you confused? – isherwood Oct 24 '19 at 16:37

You will need to scuff up the paint in the area(s) that need attention, then use exterior spackle with a broad knife (as the astute salesman pointed out).

Then sand smooth and re-prime and re-paint.

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  • OK Jimmy Fix-it I will use the exterior spackle process on one fascia board on the west side of my building which is the only board that looks indented . I will let you and our audience know what happens . Thanks for your comments Bob – Bob Oct 24 '19 at 20:56

Chisel clean the area and then use an autobody filler like Bondo with a putty knife.

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