I need to frame a small header in my kitchen exterior wall for a range hood exhaust because the 8" hole is dead center on a stud (of course). It's a 2 story 1941 house with 2x4s 16 on center.

The problem is there is no bottom plate on the left wall cavity for the jack stud to sit on due to a furnace return duct. (getting rerouted)

I can't really open up the wall any further without removing cabinetry. Seems like I have 2 options.

  1. Add the jack stud using structural screws to attach the king stud. Probably also toenail the header.
  2. No jack stud, attach header with a structural L bracket.

Am I overthinking this? Any suggestions?

  • Accelerate the rerouting of the return duct? Or delay hood installation until the return duct is rerouted? – longneck Oct 22 '19 at 20:24
  • A header for an 8” hole? I would frame around it but I doubt I would go that far. – Ed Beal Oct 23 '19 at 13:46
  • I would just frame around it if I had a top or bottom plate on the left side. Maybe I'll just add an LVL 2x4 or two on the right side and call it a day. Nobody I'm talking to seems to think it's a big deal so it's probably not. – Jeff Oct 23 '19 at 17:00

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