The rusty cast iron drain cleanout in my basement is cracked and I can't seem to find a matching piece at Lowes/Home Depot. The cover is about 5" wide. What would be the best thing I can use to seal this off?

Cracked Drain Cleanout

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    A builders merchant? – Solar Mike Oct 21 '19 at 3:52
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  • Doesn't seem like a shopping question. OP has done due diligence and found that something will probably need to be retrofit. I agree. – isherwood Oct 21 '19 at 16:30

I think I'd use a 1/4" aluminum or 1/8" galvanized steel plate with a layer of rubber or neoprene underneath. This way it's easily reusable.

Just drill holes for the studs and use new galvanized nuts and suitable washers.

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Get an Abs or PVC (better) Cap of a pipe bigger than your 5 inches to drill two holes through and use high-quality silicone to create a seal on the old metal. Clean the old metal surface with a wire brush (Dremel). Get new washers and nuts and you are in business.

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