I have custom mounting hardware for a floating shelf I'm looking to install. This hardware came with its own special screws, which are meant to be screwed into wooden studs and support the mounting hardware with their protruding heads, which are designed uniquely for this purpose.

My studs are metal however, not wooden. So I thought to use drywall anchors as the solution.

The only problem is that drywall anchors all seem to come with their own specifically designed screws. But I need to use the special screws that came with my shelf mounting hardware.

Can I use my own screws in drywall anchors? Has anyone done this before? Or, is there another solution entirely you'd recommend me?

Here's what the special shelf mounting screws look like if that's helpful:

enter image description here

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No one can tell you for sure since there are many varieties and sizes of drywall anchors. I suggest you get some anchors which have screws roughly the same diameter as your shelf screws. Then try them out in some inconspicuous spot on your wall. See if the anchors are holding firmly in the wall. You could even try mounting the shelf and testing it. Ultimately, it also depends on the weight of the items that will go on your shelf.

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