I am repainting my house for the first time, the original paint is just under 10 years old.

The house has some sort of engineered wood fascia boards, but I am not sure of the specific brand/type. In some areas The exposed side on the bottom of the board appears to be very porous, just like if you had ripped a sheet of OSB and painted it. All the areas I've looked closely at have paint in the pores so I think they are probably original. Although it looks ripped, I don't believe they actually were.

One painter I had give me a quote mentioned edge sealing all of them. So I was wondering if they should actually be edge sealed and if so, with what? I was originally thinking exterior vinyl spackling, but could also use caulk.

  • some sort of high-fill primer or undercoat that you can apply with a sponge roller is probably best. if you post photos someone may recognise the product. – Jasen Oct 9 '19 at 3:18

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