I've just built a TARDIS and I am about to wire up the lights for the windows, the sign boxes along the top, and the beacon light at the roof peak. I've bought and installed these three items:

My next step is to connect these all to a rechargeable 12-volt SLA battery, then connect that battery to a solar panel. I would like to avoid a power strip, though, so my question is:

Can I splice all these six wires together into one lead that then runs into the battery?

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These are al 12v lights, and 12v is pretty safe to work with. There should be nothing wrong with splicing all the positive wires and negative wires to one cable that then hooks up to the battery.

Because they are LED lights running on DC current, polarity matters, and it might not be obvious on the wires which is positive and which is negative so pay attention to that.

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