What NEC section addresses the use of GFI breakers to remedy ungrounded outlets


NEC 210.8 covers GFCI , in my 2014 version the replacement of 2 prong receptacles with 3 prong when GFCI protected was in 406.4.d But not the same in 2017 , I will update this when I find it for the 17 code. I looked at 406.4.d and did not see it in 17 code 250.130.c “non grounding receptacle replacement” information note states see.406.4.d ,,, oops I must have been in 404.6 because this time 406.4 paragraph D replacements subsection c specify replacing 2 prong with 3 prong. Sorry about that 406.4.D.2.c is the paragraph you ask for.

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  • Oops, I think this is what the OP wanted... – JACK Oct 8 '19 at 22:45

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