Last year our old thermostat died and we got a new one. This is not a smart wi-fi connected thermostat, but it has an "early start learning mode" setting which isn't enabled by default. Last winter I did enable this and had to set the type of heating we have which is "hot water system" and something called "minimum cycle period" which should be set to 20 for my heating system according to the manual. I do not think I ever experienced any learning and I had a feeling it took longer to heat up the house.

Our old thermostat just had the normal timer settings for wake, leave, return and sleep and worked just fine. Should I simply turn off this smart stuff on the new one and go back to what worked in the past or maybe play around with this "minimum cycle period" and see if other settings works? I can choose between 6, 10, 20 and 60.

The thermostat is an Orbit 83521

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