I've bought a whole-house surge protector that I'm installing in my main panel. In the interest of keeping the leads as short as possible, I can put it directly next to the breaker, which would also put it pretty close to the neutral bus bar, but that would make it too far from the ground bus bar (its wires are pretty short, and I'd rather not have to extend them). And if I put it close to the ground bar, it becomes too far from the neutral bar.

So the question is: can I just attach both the neutral and ground from the surge protector to the same bus bar, since this is in the main panel? If so, does it make a difference if it's the neutral or ground bar? Would this impact the surge protector's effectiveness?

  • What make and model is your main panel? Can you post photos of the labeling on its door? – ThreePhaseEel Oct 4 '19 at 1:09

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