I have a Concrete Foundation Pillar that is 5/8th of an inch too short. What filler materials are appropriate when a steel I Beam will be resting on it? Can I use mortar, or is steel more appropriate?

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mortar is not really structural, I would go with steel, perhaps half-inch plate and some washers

  • Why 1/2” plate and washers over a 5/8 steel plate? Commented Sep 27, 2019 at 23:08
  • sure, 5/8 if you can get it. or flat bar instead of plate.
    – Jasen
    Commented Sep 27, 2019 at 23:11
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    Non-Shrink Structural Grout is an option. Really even wood in the correct orientation is fine. The crush strength of wood is quite high. Commented Sep 28, 2019 at 1:44
  • 1
    @FreshCodemonger The appropriateness of wood for something like this can vary depending on conditions and the type of wood. You don't want your structural support rotting away, after all.
    – nick012000
    Commented Sep 28, 2019 at 9:00

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