My 1929 garage has several side-hung carriage doors that are held open by a neat stay system where a metal bar slides through a bracket and then a notch in the bar rests on the bracket. Pulling the chain lifts the bar slightly to release the notch and allow the door to close. This hardware is great for holding the doors open at 90° even if the wind is blowing hard and they are easy to operate.

Door holder/stay

My shed also has a big heavy door and I'd like to add similar hardware to it, but much searching hasn't turned up a source for this type of hardware in the USA.

I was able to find a similar piece of hardware (operated by a cord and toggle instead of a chain) in the UK, but international shipping is crazy expensive. enter image description here

Is there an American term for this type of hardware that might turn up more results? Or are these even available anywhere in the US?

  • I searched Carriage Door Stop. While several images were available, all were slightly different than yours . – mikes Sep 26 '19 at 20:35
  • Being that old it may have been home made , so modern ones may look different. – Ed Beal Sep 26 '19 at 23:05

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