The screw eyes in the pic are stainless steel. The wire rope is galvanized steel supposedly.

As you can see, the screw eyes have brown where it touches the corroding wire rope.

does the screw eyes have rust or is is something I can clean once I replace the wire rope with stainless wire rope?

enter image description here

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The screw eyes are not rusting. That's staining from the steel rope which i doubt is galvanized. The rust stains will come off with a little emery paper rub.


The rust on the stainless eye came from the steel rope. The zinc galvanizing on the wire rope has corroded away leaving bare steel to rust. Using a stainless wire rope will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the combination and you should have no problem. The eye is probably 316 SS ( 18 -8 + 2% Mo) as are many small consumer fasteners. In a mild environment stainless rope should be fairly rust free . Over time some light rust may develop in the crevice between the rope and eye. Other alloys like 302 SS or 410 SS ( 13 Cr) will be similar . In a sea coast atmosphere all these alloys will rust. So the environment is the dominating factor for the various SS. ( Assuming the eye is not some ringer like Monel).

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