I bought string lights and I plan to put them in my small indoor/outdoor yard (<== I am not sure whether it is indoor or outdoor).

I used a strong magnet (see picture) to detect where have metal behind the paint, but I find many spots. I guess that they are plates for connection. I cannot drill through those areas where have metal plate.

My question is where I can drill holes to mount eye screws?


enter image description here

enter image description here





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    I'm confused. You mention a yard (which may be inside our outside, somehow), but show photos of a wall and a light device. Are you asking about drilling through the wall? What plates are you talking about? How is your home constructed? Please revise your question to clarify. – isherwood Sep 19 at 3:34
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    A small light string shouldn't need to be screwed into studs. Small screws or nail-on clips that only penetrate the outer layer should be fine. I feel like what you are trying to do is unclear. – JPhi1618 Sep 19 at 14:13

I don't use magnets, or stud finders set to 'metal', ever. I use drill bits. If there's protection plates, the drill bit will tell you that.

I think you're finding screw heads. Disclaimer : I live in EMT land, so there's generally no concern beyond hitting a PVC pipe or low voltage comm.

If you have to push really hard, don't; relocate. Patching and painting my be required after all is said and done. That's why it sucks trying to hang something that won't cover your booboos. And why 'new construction' people won't touch rehab jobs that begin and end with 'unforeseen circumstances'. This is your can of worms; open it up:

You're going to have to do some recon... with a drill bit. Bite the bullet and start making holes. And use your intuition: It's an outside wall so it's unlikely there's any plumbing. And way up there would be a strange place for an electrical run, but anything's possible. - Henry Jones says: "I don't know. WE'LL FIND OUT!"

  • ... it could be an i-beam. Cut the tips off of drywall anchors and use shorter screws, if you have to. – Mazura Sep 19 at 4:08

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