Can i install a 3 amp switch next to a light? The led light is 4 watts. The light is for installing under the top cabinet. I have 3 such lights to be installed under the top cabinets. There is already a switch for all 3 but i want to switch off one such light that i may not need.

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    Where are you on this planet, and what make and model of light switch do you wish to use? – ThreePhaseEel Sep 15 at 3:45
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    Do they run on low voltage, or are they mains voltage (120V or 230V)? – Harper - Reinstate Monica Sep 15 at 3:49
  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. We'll need more info before we can help you. And, you should probably take our tour so you'll know how best to participate here. – Daniel Griscom Sep 15 at 13:00
  • yes, you can, 100% for sure. You're using (likely far) less than 2 amps. – dandavis Sep 16 at 5:33

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