I'm installing a new Takagi Tankless water heater and wanting to make sure I have the line plumbed to the unit correctly.

I have the Main line @ 3/4" hard Pipe, 3/4" Ball valve, 3/4" Flex Line, Tee with Line going into side, then sediment Trap on Bottom, to another Ball Valve connected to the tankless.

Main Line

Main Line is 3/4" the 1/2" line at the T, and the T will be removed

Connection to Main Line The Elbow will be connected to where the T was in the Above Picture. I no longer need the 1/2"

Sediment Trap

This is the Connection to the Tankless. Has the 3/4" Flex going to the T with Sediment Trap then another ball valve at the top.

I've seen many examples of where there is no 2nd Valve on the Tankless and many where there are Unions and many that have a second Shutoff valve.

Is there anything wring with this setup?


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