I have 4 355w solar panels and 3 315 w solar panels. I have a 40 amp mppt and a 30 amp mppt charge controllers with 100v Max pv voltage.

The distance solar panels to charge controllers is around 15 meters and the distance battery to charge controllers around 1.5 meters.

My battery bank system is 24 volt. The solar panel voltage are around 37 Volts. They are not connected yet.

Out of the 3 315 w solar panels, one is pointed south, the other 2 east. the one pointed south is shaded until 9 AM.They are at 16 degree angle. The other 4 355w are not yet installed.

The specs for the 315 w solar panel are: Pmax = 315 w Max voltage = 37.4 v Max current = 8.42 A Open Circuit voltage = 45.5 V Short circuit current = 9.12 A Power tolerance = 0~+6w The maximum fuse rating = 15 A

The specs for the 355 w solar panel are: Rating power at stc(Wp) = 355 w Rating power voltage(Vm) = 37.58 V Rating power current(Im) = 9.45 A Open circuit voltage (Voc) = 46.26 V Short circuit current(Isc) = 9.85 A

The system is in the Caribbean.

I have 8 6 volts batteries in 2 parallel strings.

I need help with the wiring of the solar panels (series or parallel) and also the wire gauge. Thank you in advance for your help!

  • What are the min/max/nominal voltage and current ratings on each of your panels? It should be on the label somewhere. – Nate S. Sep 10 '19 at 22:07
  • Also, your current setup with one panel pointing south and two east, with the southern one sometimes shaded, isn't likely to work very well regardless of how you hook it up. The reason is that the panels that are more illuminated will spend most of their energy heating up the ones that are not. Each set of panels connected to a MPPT charge controller should be oriented and shaded similarly, and ideally be of the same type. So if you can, putting the 4 355W panels on the 40A inverter, all pointing the same way, and the others on the other will be best, but we need specs to know what works. – Nate S. Sep 10 '19 at 22:14
  • @NateStrickland I don't understand what you min by min voltage so I send you all the solar panels specs about power. – Duff Duffour Damus Sep 10 '19 at 22:50
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  • @DuffDuffourDamus, can you edit the previous question to include the info you posted here? And yes, that answers my questions, except I think you made a copy paste error on the last one, since you list a current (A) as a voltage. – Nate S. Sep 10 '19 at 23:34