My exterior camera system uses this particular cover to hide wired on the siding. We're changing the cameras over to a more modern type (And some of the cameras are defective over their > 15 year use)

What is it, and can I purchase it at home depot or similar stores?

Pictured at the base of the camera: enter image description here

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It looks to me like a standard vinyl siding mounting block.

enter image description here


This was most likely a trim piece that a professional installer had access to or even something that the camera company made at the time. I'm not an expert or camera installer, but I know my way around Home Depot and dabble in home security and I haven't seen this item commonly sold. If you look at more "pro level" catalogs targeted at installers you might find something.

That said, why can't you re-use the existing parts you have? It doesn't look like they have an extremely large hole or anything? A good cleaning and coat of paint should be enough to make them as good as new.

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