I'm curious as to how I would be able to wire up a relay for my chimebox I have using the Nest Hello doorbell.

I recently discovered that my Westminister chimebox is incompatible with the est Hello system, but I really like the chime it makes.

I understand that the doorbell has a 16V transformer, but I'm not certain how exactly I can get the low voltage signal from the Hello unit to switch a relay.

Perhaps this stems from my lack of understanding as to what is actually happening with the Hello unit and how doorbells actually function. I've watched some videos on it, but am still left confused about its operation.

Could someone show me a diagram for how the doorbell should be wired so the chime rings like normal when the hello unit sends the signal?

Here is my chimebox wiring (Original): enter image description here

Post Nest Hello Installation: enter image description here

The white unit is something to prevent "damage to the chimebox" according to the installation instructions.

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  • Westminster seems to be incompatible with European systems... – Brian Drummond Sep 7 at 10:28

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