I have a existing improperly installed deck attached to the house which I am retrofitting. I already have a permit approved but not sure how to flash the existing ledger board without removing the entire structure. Is there a way to flash this to keep out moisture? Currently there are parts that are attached with a ledger and some that is not.

  • How about posting a picture of this. – JACK Sep 7 at 13:14
  • I have found decks that were not flashed at all ( water ingress causing problems) I used a flexible heavy foil to flash by cutting the siding sliding the foil up inside. My first step was to remove the first deck board and rip it so the flashing could hang over the ledger and down a couple of inches. I originally tried with standard flashing but it was just about impossible to get it in place , the foil allowed me to form it at each hanger this did stop the water problem and after painting it did not look bad but was easier than taking the entire deck down and doing it correctly. – Ed Beal 7 hours ago

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