My cabinet vendor installed a really cool 5 sided, 12" deep cubby(shelf) below my upper cabinets. It's laminated 3/4" plywood. The problem is that it's 84 inches long and there already is a very slight sag in the middle and I haven't even stacked anything in it yet.

One option my vendor suggested is to put a couple of floating braces underneath it (like this but less heavy duty. I've found some that are 3/6" thick). The part attached to the studs would be buried beneath the drywall/backsplash. The problems is that the supporting arms beneath the cubby would be visible from a number of angles. (My architecture and interior design is modern and streamlined.)

I asked if the cubby could be notched on the bottom so the arm would be flush and then have laminate adhered to the arm to make it less visible. They said that it wouldn't be possible. But based on all of their suggestions it seemed like they just wanted to go with the most simple solution available.

Given my specs would my notching solution be feasible?

enter image description here

  • Seems like a photo is in order. Your description isn't painting a clear picture. Since you're new you'll need to host them elsewhere. – isherwood Sep 6 at 20:01
  • I wonder why the back doesn't stop if from sagging? – JPhi1618 Sep 6 at 20:46
  • A notch could be added with a router, but you would need to remove the shelf first. A cabinet installer won't necessarily have the skill or tools to do this. Also, my gut feel is that 3/16 steel won't be strong enough and will bend more than you think. There are beam deflection tools online. If you post all the relevant dimensions, I will run some calculations. – Mattman944 Sep 6 at 22:32

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