I'd like to add a utility sink to my garage, and there is a bathroom on the other side of the wall that I think I should be able to hook into.

In this photo you can see the sink and hot/cold hookups from the bathroom on the other side, those are at about the usual height for a standard bathroom vanity.

Here is what I have so far, I believe tapping into the hot/cold should be ok, but I'm not sure about the DWV. Will this vent sufficiently? Also since I'm putting the wye in below the existing tee, what height does the tub p-trap need to be in relation to the line coming in from the other sink?

I really want to get this tub in now so I can have it while I'm doing other remodel work (drywall/paint, etc...). There is a possibly I could completely redo the bathroom on the other side someday, so if there is a better option for putting the two together I'm open to it now to get this going and have the other side be non-functional for a little while.

enter image description here

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