I have recently completed a one-step stool out if maple and am looking for a way to finish it. It will be used quite a bit so I'm looking for something durable. Preferably something that isn't too dark colored. Any suggestions?

  • A color choice would be opinion and every one has one so that would be off topic. As far as protecting the finish you choose using several coats of polyurethane with sanding in between is a good idea the poly will keep the wood and finished surface from wearing. – Ed Beal Aug 18 '19 at 2:42

Maple is a soft wood and is a little difficult to stain unless you use a pre-stain. Plus, if the stool is going to be used a lot, it will get banged up and scratched. I would leave it unstained and sand it and put on at least 6 coats of an oil based polyurethane. Sand very lightly with an 800 grit sandpaper between coats. Good luck and happy one-step stooling.

  • Would there be a benefit to using a stain and putting some polyurethane coats over the stain? – Ai_OB Aug 17 '19 at 20:33
  • You can definitely stain it first and put the polyurethane on over the stain. The benefit would be the change in color from the natural look of maple to the new color. You would just have to find a color you like. Sherwin- Williams is a good place to start. – JACK Aug 17 '19 at 20:41

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