This seems to be a transient problem however if I turn a disconnect switch off on any one of several other systems the problem goes away

  • What are you trying to read to ground? Voltage, or? Also, does this happen on all three phases, or just one? – ThreePhaseEel Aug 17 at 15:32
  • Is this an isolated system? This is a complex problem and requires a lot of background info, you can't really get a useful answer if all you give us is a 1-sentence drive-by. I would suggest a) register your account so it's tied to an email address, then b) go to a real computer where it's more comfortable to write, log in and edit your question to include more detail. – Harper Aug 17 at 18:58
  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. We'll need more info before we can help you. And, you should probably take our tour so you'll know how best to participate here. – Daniel Griscom Aug 18 at 23:27

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