Please see attached picture. Notice that there isn't any brick molding at the top of the door frame and the jam is not deep enough space to mount a door closer on. What are my options ? are there jamb extension kits simple enough for DIY ?Front door

  • Are there jamb extension kits simple enough to DiY and will match the fit-and-finish of the absolutely beautiful exterior of your home? No. - Can I break into your house with my fist? Yes. Solve that problem (windows next to the door knob) and the solution will present itself. – Mazura Aug 11 at 6:00
  • You need a sheet metal break, custom cut lumber, and an attention to detail that's nigh impossible to achieve ad hoc, whether or not you have +30y experience. – Mazura Aug 11 at 6:08
  • The other option is a ~4', $4k screen door that spans the whole opening, which will make your house look like a prison. I up-voted, hoping someone would lay it out for you. But the lack of response mirrors my enthusiasm of having to do this job. – Mazura Aug 15 at 21:45

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