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I have a gas dryer for sale, but do not have a gas line hook-up.
Can I use a small propane tank to test the dryer for potential buyers?

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It might be a duplicate but I did not see an accepted answer. I have hooked up both propane and natural gas dryers in the past. You can hook a dryer up to a propane or some call LP gas tank with a regulator. The one difference from the instructions in both dryers and stove/ ovens is there is a different size orifice on the output of the regulator to make it work correctly, right now I cannot remember off the top of my head I can’t remember the sizes but in the past I have set up gas furnaces, barbecue’s, water heaters and stove tops and ovens and the only difference was a small brass orifice that you changed one size worked for natural gas the other worked for LP/ propane. I am sure a quick search will verify this.

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