How do you hard wire an Inalto Ceramic Cooktop given the following connecting points:- L1, L2 on one side of the connecting plate and N1, N2 on the opposing side of the connecting plate, with a PE (earth) point at the bottom end of the connecting plate. I have only three wires to connect one active, one neutral and one earth. An Australian connection.

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    How many watts does this pull, and what's the amperage rating of the circuit you're connecting it to? Aug 4 '19 at 13:26
  • The cooktop pulls 6.0kw and the amperage of the circuit is 15amps.
    – Peter
    Aug 5 '19 at 7:13

There's just not enough power there

A 15A 240VAC circuit can only supply 3.6kW, or slightly under half of what your cooktop draws. You'll need to have a bigger radial circuit put in, dedicated to the cooktop/cooker setup; I presume a 32A circuit would be a standard size in Australia, provided you are served with a single phase.

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