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I am currently planning out the framing portion of my project and I am trying to figure out what is what with the rough in plumbing you see in the picture. I don’t have any plumbing experience and plan to hire someone for that part but I want to know what’s what so I frame accordingly. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

  • This looks like new construction so the information you're requesting should be on the plumbing plans. The 4" cap on the floor with the square protruding top looks like a drain cleanout , the 2" pipes look like drains or vents and the "maroon" covered hole appears to be for a toilet but I'm just guessing on this. – JACK Aug 3 at 22:25

I think jack is right there looks to only be 1 water line so that maroon would be for the toilet, I would expect the vent to be in the wall, and the 1-1/2 or 2” pvc to be a sink drain , the toilet was probably planned at a 45. A sink requires a outlet within 36” so that electrical may be for that once the studs have been installed on the stem wall. With only 1 water line an on demand or small water heater may have been the plan.

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