I just installed an outdoor silcock outside my basement. To avoid direct contact with the brick in the hole I drilled in a foot thick brick wall, I put a 1-1/4" PVC pipe and then the silcock inside it (it also makes it easy to replace and service).

enter image description here

Should I put insulation foam inside the PVC pipe between it and the silcock? Right side of the picture (inside part), see the red arrow.

  • you could use plumber's putty – jsotola Aug 2 at 3:46

I would make a 1" plug for each end so bugs don't get in. A hard foam ring would be what I would go for.

I would not fill with expanding foam or similar as that will glue the pipe in place.


I would have used a frost proof faucet with the longest shaft, usually 12", so the shut off with the "water in the pipe" supply would be closer to the heated area. I see that you installed a shut off valve to isolate and drain the discharge connection but I still would prefer a frost proof unit. My 2 cents.

  • It is 12" frost proof – amphibient Aug 1 at 15:36

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