I noticed what appears to be electrical wiring exposed at the peak of the gable end of our office. I don't have any way to know if there's current flowing to those wires.

Is that a problem? I assume that it isn't a good long-term thing, but I guess I can't actually back that up. Anybody?

enter image description here


FYI any exposed conductors should be protected and covered no matter where they occur. Especially if the exposed wiring is on an exterior where the insulation is exposed to a more severe environment.


Anywhere there are electrical wires with wire nuts or other type of splice, the splice should be in a coverable pertinent junction box whether inside or out. That's code as far as I know and a basic commonsense safety practice at the very least.


If you are renting you might want to ask the owner if there's supposed to be a flood light fixture up there. It looks light a perfect spot for one. The wires are high up so there's no immediate threat but they're not supposed to be like that so they should be fixed with a plate cover.

Can the wires be accessed from that top room or attic?

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    I would be more concerned about rain entering the structure at the opening. As far as is it legal live open conductors can be protected by elevation, there are wire nuts so there won’t be any current flow. Where this probably be a code violation is the wire is most likely Romex or NMB cable and NMB cable is not listed for a wet location, the paper separators in the cable will wick any water back to a junction box or service panel. – Ed Beal Aug 1 '19 at 15:13
  • I don't think there's any way to reach the wires except a 3 story tall ladder or scaffolding. – doub1ejack Aug 1 '19 at 16:30

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